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Journalistic research and writing
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Interpretive planning, research, and writing

A mystery woman with a foreign accent. A dead body falling into the hero’s lap. An innocent man accused of...murder. A mad race across Scottish moors...chased by a fog...handcuffed to a beautiful woman...with the fate of Western civilization in the balance. (big pause) Gosh.
So begins the commercial for Alfred Hitchock’s The 39 Steps, one of the commercials we're creating for Portland Center Stage this season.



Cyrano was founded in 1992 to provide strategic writing and editorial services for a diverse range of businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Our mission is to improve communications by furthering the cause of clearly written, grammatically correct, vibrantly fresh and persuasive English prose. We believe in the power of the well-written word to forge important connections between people, and between people and ideas.

Our guiding principle is to do work that demonstrates integrity, professionalism, and a sense of responsibility, while maintaining high quality standards at all budget levels.


Writing and Editorial Services
for business, nonprofits, and government